We are people working for people
Travelling or shopping, starting a business or looking for new developing strategies,
making a presentation or saving a marriage, singing in a shower
or seeking for a pair of socks...

You live and we help you to make life easier

Staying Tuned

We are not the cold and distant top managers. If you call us you will never hear any indifferent robot's voice. We are close to our clients. We create our products not only for sale, but for our own use.

Exactly So

Our biggest client is you. Your individual needs are very important for us. We have adaptive propositions in every software package. So you always get the unique product considering all your suggestions.


Inspiring New

Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel. We bring something completely new into every created product. Our software is useful and imaginative at the same time. We apply ideas that were never used before.

Maybe You

Our audience is siginficantly wide and different. Whether you are a teacher or a stylist, a businessman or a city major, a singer or a housewife, you may be our client. Even if you don't exactly know how.